SYSTIMAX is the most widely used cabling system across the globe, with over 1,000 miles of cable being installed each day.


The SYSTIMAX parent company, CommScope Inc., prides itself on technological leadership. Our partnership with SYSTIMAX means innovative end-to-end solutions that add bandwidth, functionality, and performance.

The SYSTIMAX Solutions portfolio includes the Category 6A GigaSPEED X10D Solution capable of supporting 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Category 6E 550 MHz GigaSPEED XL Solution, along with OM3 and OM4 fiber optic LazrSPEED multi-mode and TeraSPEED single-mode solutions.

The SYSTIMAX 360 products feature sleek design for superb ergonomics and an elegant appearance. SYSTIMAX 360 is a network without limits. Engineered with their customers in mind, the SYSTIMAX 360 solution offers customers the option to install intelligent patching immediately or in phases, according to their needs and their budget. By providing a clear strategy that includes upgradeable products, CommScope intends to raise awareness of the business benefits of intelligent infrastructures.
The SYSTIMAX 360 products have been engineered to knock down the obstacles that have previously prevented users from enjoying the major performance advances of 10 Gb/s and intelligent infrastructure.

For example:

  • CommScope has reduced the diameter and increased the flexibility of the new SYSTIMAX 360 GigaSPEED® X10D cables, making them easy to install in places that previously would have been space-prohibitive.
  • CommScope has reduced the minimum lengths of patch cords and cables so that they’re able to fit in any environment.
  • CommScope restructured its software and hardware, making intelligent-equipped infrastructure more affordable than ever, with costs-per-port nearly equal for small and large networks alike.


We are a Prestige Business Partner which allows us to provide our customers with 20 year application warranties. Because of our partnership with SYSTIMAX our technicians receive targeted and thorough training. In order give our customers the highest performing network products, our technicians recently completed the SYSTIMAX 360 infrastructure network training.