Established 1988

Our company was founded by Gene Kiedinger in 1988, five years before the internet became public. At that time networks were just emerging as a new way to connect businesses to their data. With hard work, dedication, and by putting the customer’s needs first, Kiedinger, Inc. has grown to become a business partner that customers rely on to provide superior design and installation of network cabling systems to support all of their Layer 1 Network infrastructure needs. Additionally, we offer audio-visual, cellular DAS, and other solutions to keep your business or organization communicating effectively.

Our customers are always treated with respect and they experience through working with our people that they can trust us to help them create a dependable solution to advance their network and business plans. The result of this is that our customers have helped our business grow through “word of mouth” which these days may be done more by email/text/social media. We appreciate and respect the trust our customers put in us and we work hard every day to live up to those standards. We are always looking for good people whose priority is to get things done right and effectively assist our customers. The qualities of the people we hire are the reasons we are successful and our customers can depend on us.

Our business is located in South Central Wisconsin at 8479 Murphy Drive in the City of Middleton, adjacent to the state capitol city, Madison, Wisconsin. From this central location we can serve a good share of Wisconsin businesses easily. Many of our customers also have us work in their remote sites so we travel to meet their needs as well.

Kiedinger, Inc has CommScope/SYSTIMAX and CommScope/Uniprise certifications that began in 2004 and continue today in the CommScope Business Partner program. In 2007 Kiedinger, Inc. became a Panduit Certified Installer and is now at Silver Level in the Panduit Partner Program. These manufacturer certifications show our commitment to quality installations and some of the best training available to our technicians. These efforts show up by Kiedinger, Inc. being able to provide 25-Year Warranties from these manufacturers on our projects.

Throughout our history we have installed countless miles of cable and an innumerable number of connections. We have formed strong ties with the manufacturers of the materials we install and provide unrivaled support for our customers. Our solid position in the marketplace is built upon a reputation that exceeds all competitors. Armed with the strength of our history and our commitment to our employees, we are resolved to maintain our stature as a first class organization doing first class work.

Our Technicians

Kiedinger, Inc. employs BICSI, CommScope, and Panduit trained installers

We make a substantial investment in technician training in order to bring to market the highest quality of structured cabling services. The training and mentoring our technicians receive goes well beyond cable installation methodology. We bring professionalism and extensive industry experience to each project.

Our staff continues to prove their knowledge in the latest cabling technology through rigorous certification and training. Each certification is a dependable measure of skill that you can rely on.

Our staff holds the following certifications:

We are a CommScope Partner and Solution Provider certified to design and install SYSTIMAX and Uniprise structured cabling systems and provide a 25-year warranty.  We have CommScope SYSTIMAX/Uniprise certifications, including Design & Engineering and Installation & Maintenance.

We are a Panduit PCI (Panduit Certified Installer – Silver Level) that installs Panduit and PanGen structured cabling systems providing a 25-year warranty.  We have PCT’s (Panduit Certified Technicians) on staff.

Kiedinger, Inc. has BICSI Certified RCDDs (Registered Communication Distribution Designer) and RTPMs (Registered Telecommunications Project Manager) on staff along with BICSI Certified Technicians.  (BICSI is formerly known as Building Industry Consulting Service International.)


Kiedinger, Inc. quality assurance and follow-up support are unmatched.

Our commitment to quality has earned the trust of a large number of satisfied customers throughout Wisconsin. From the time we begin an installation to the final testing, our structured cabling systems are built with the best quality products and backed by years of industry experience.

Our services are provided by a team of reliable, professional, and experienced technicians. The majority of our customers have chosen Kiedinger, Inc. because we have come highly recommended by an associate.

We are committed to providing our customers the best performance from their cabling investment.

What measures are taken?

Kiedinger, Inc. provides a variety of documentation services including cable tests, labeling, and as-built drawings with cable locations in PDF, Visio, and AutoCAD format.

Cable Testing
As networks continue to evolve, so do the requirements for cabling infrastructure. At Kiedinger, Inc. we know it is critical to keep current with the latest developments in cabling and cable testing. Every cable and fiber strand we install is tested and guaranteed to provide a 100% level of service upon completion of installation. The structured cabling systems Kiedinger, Inc. installs meet all requirements of the performance criteria in the current TIA/EIA structured cabling standards.

Kiedinger, Inc. Workmanship Warranty
Each technician at Kiedinger, Inc. is meticulous in performing end to end testing and takes great care in labeling all cable ends. We only install materials that meet or surpass job specifications. As a result, Kiedinger, Inc. guarantees all materials and the workmanship for one year after the project has been completed.


What does the Manufacturer Warranty mean to you?

25-Year SYSTIMAX Structured Connectivity Solutions Extended Product Warranty and Applications Assurance Program
When our customers choose to install a SYSTIMAX Solution they are also getting a 25-year commitment from SYSTIMAX and CommScope. Since SYSTIMAX has set the standard for performance and reliability, we stand behind their products for 25 years. If the application or any elements of the infrastructure fail, we’ll fix them. 

The Extended Product Warranty and Applications Assurance program is provided for all certified SYSTIMAX projects. It covers all applications currently contained in the SYTIMAX Performance Specifications and in addition, the Assurance Program will cover any future applications recognized by industry standards that use TIA/EIA 568-B or ISO/IEC IS 11801 for UTP channel specifications for cabling.

As a certified SYSTIMAX Business Partner, our SYSTIMAX cabling systems are warranted to give our customers the best service for 20 years. We believe this is the best warranty and applications assurance in the industry and that no other provider offers this level of protection.

CommScope offers two warranty programs. The 20 year Extended Warranty Program covers ALL CommScope cables installed, tested and registered in a structured cabling system for a 20 year period. CommScope defines a structured cabling system as the cabling infrastructure, designed and installed to current ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B series standards.

The CommScope 20 year Extended Warranty Program ensures that all CommScope cables are free from material and workmanship defects and will perform according to industry specifications.

The second warranty offered by CommScope is the Uniprise Solutions Product and Applications Warranty Program. This warranty covers all Uniprise Solutions installed in structured cabling systems by a Uniprise Certified Installer and includes the labor required for any corrective actions.

Panduit’s Certification Plus System Warranty is a 25-year standards-based performance warranty covering both components and labor to repair or replace components as noted in the certificate and Warranty Guide. The Certification Plus System Warranty certificate for a registered project is issued directly to the customer. This program is flexible in allowing eligible adds, moves and changes to be submitted for registration either at the time of completion or at a later date.

Customer Testimonials

Our quality of work is best described by our customers’ comments:

“Thanks again for all your help and support over the years. I really appreciate your company and am glad to send my business your way every time. “

-The president of large logistics company

“Your guys are a pleasure to work with. They are always respectful and responsive.”

-Telecommunications Manager in the health care industry

“You’ve got good people working for you. They can come here anytime and work on our projects.”

-Facility Manager of a large insurance company

“Your technicians did a wonderful job – they really take pride in what they do and I am so impressed by the way they think of the future and doing things right the first time. It truly is a pleasure to work with your guys.”

-IT Systems Manager

“I would like to take a minute and tell you your installers are very knowledgeable, courteous, and very likable people. They are doing a great job of getting the job done, keeping areas clean, and working with other contractors.”

-Financial Services Operations Manager

“Your technicians do great work. Very thorough.”

4-Data Center Manager

“Your company is the only one we would trust for this project.”

-Network Administrator talking about a fiber backbone upgrade

“Everything went great! The two gentlemen that were sent were very helpful and courteous. Thank you for all your help.”

-Clinic Coordinator for large health care provider


If you’re interested in working in a professional environment with trustworthy people, please contact us for opportunities.


Provide advanced low voltage solutions tailored to our customers needs, for the critical infrastructure they depend on. 


To help our customers deploy reliable systems, by remaining engaged in the latest technology.


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