CommScope Uniprise Products

UltraMedia Category 6e Cable

  • Typical applications include high speed digital voice, video, and data such as broadband video and gigabit ethernet
  • Exceeds all Category 6 requirements
  • Superior performance to 400 MHz


Media 6 Category 6 Cable

  • Medial 6 rounds out CommScope’s Category 6 UTP offering. Media 6 supports broadband video and full duplex transmission for emerging technologies. This is a CommScope product for those who have value in mind.
  • Exceeds all Category 6 specifications
  • Supports broadband video and high speed, full duplex transmission
  • Superior performance to 250 MHz


Ultra II Category 5e “PLUS” Cable
The Ultra II family designed a 350 MHz Enhanced Category 5e UTP cable that provides “headroom” over today’s current 5e standard.


CommScope Server Cabinets
CommScope Server Cabinets are multi-practice 19” and/or ETSI enclosures designed to house and protect computer servers and other critical active equipment. Their physical strength and thermal and security management solutions make CommScope Server Cabinets the ideal enclosure for even the largest servers.

  • Very strong – 1000 kg/2000 lb capacity
  • Patented X-Frame technology offers easy installation
  • Accommodates all major servers on the market
  • Cable management room is superior for 10 Gbps cable


CommScope Network Cabinets
CommScope Network Cabinets are 19” and/or ETSI cabinet systems built with X-frame technology and a lightweight construction to reduce installation time and provide instant access for cable installation.

  • 500 kg/1000 lb capacity
  • Patented X-Frame technology for easy installation
  • Cable management room is superior for 10 Gbps cable
  • Two depth and two width options– 600mm to 800 mm


Racks and Cable Management

CommScope Racks
CommScope Racks are versatile open frames that combine attributes of a standard frame into the convenience of a single unit. The CommScope Rack offering has a wide range of products, including 2-post racks, wall mount racks, shelves, ladder racks, cable trays, and cable management.

  • Designed for equipment rooms storing 19” EIA rack-mount telecommunication equipment
  • CommScope 2-post racks and 4-post racks are available in two heights – 45U and 52U
  • The 2-post racks are available in three depths – 3″, 6″, and 12″
  • The 4-post racks are available in 29″ and 36″ depths


CommScope Cable Management
CommScope offers cable management solutions that include vertical and horizontal cable managment.

  • Includes covers, spools, and 7 ft and 8 ft doors
  • Includes 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” vertical trough widths
  • Single- and double-sided solutions
  • Horizontal cable management troughs
  • 1, 2, and 3 Rack-Unit heights for horizontal cable management


Horizontal Cable Management

  • Available in three heights – 1U, 2U, and 3U
  • Cylindrical finger ends for easy snap on installation of horizontal cover
  • Open back on 2U and 3U horizontal troughs for easy pass through of cables


Vertical Cable Management

  • Lightweight and sturdy door available in 8 sizes
  • Patent pending door latching mechanism
  • Available in four widths and two heights