CommScope Labs – The Authentic Source of Industry Innovation

CommScope Labs has developed over 600 patents for Physical Layer Infastructure.

The ability to continually innovate and deliver the most advanced network infrastructure solutions, which set the standards for the industry, has its genesis in Bell Labs. CommScope’s offerings are designed to meet and exceed standards, providing customers with solutions that support both current and future applications.

Our Partnership

Kiedinger, Inc – A CommScope Prestige Business Partner

As a CommScope Prestige Business Partner, Kiedinger, Inc. has proven itself as an established partner, meeting or exceeding CommScope’s superior standards for expertise, training and professional service. To make certain that you get the most out of your network infrastructure, CommScope verifies that its Prestige Business Partners possess advanced technical knowledge with expertise in CommScope’s strategic solutions, proven design, engineering, installation and maintenance capabilities, an iron-clad commitment to customers and the resources to address large-scale and quick-turnaround projects.

By selecting Kiedinger, Inc. you are not only choosing CommScope products with guaranteed performance, reliability, and quality, but also a qualified company to implement those products with excellence. From basic to advanced installations, we help our customers take advantage of business and technology opportunities by providing the right network infrastructure solutions for their needs.

Through its high performing SYSTIMAX® products and value-driven Uniprise® line, CommScope offers one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive portfolios. Renowned for their performance, quality, reliability and industry-leading technology, CommScope products support current and future applications, allowing you to capitalize on profitable business opportunities. With SYSTIMAX products, we’ll give you a world-class network infrastructure that’s capable of powering the most performance-intensive applications today and in the future. With Uniprise products, we’ll implement a network infrastructure solution that is proven, affordable, and reliable.