Introducing Video Conferencing

Kiedinger, Inc. can help your company save time and money by optimizing your business communications environment.

Audio Visual Systems

Kiedinger, Inc. installs reliable, high quality audio and visual systems custom designed for your conference room. We keep your budget in mind as we determine your communication requirements and create a conference room you will be proud of.

Today people expect to hear full range sound when listening to music or conferencing with others. Directional audio, crystal clear video, and one touch controls provide an easy environment to walk in, sit down, and immediately begin your meeting.

When video conferencing is a requirement, you’ll want to experience high quality video that produces life-like images as you communicate with remote locations. We understand most organizations don’t have unlimited amounts of bandwidth at their disposal. We work within your bandwidth capabilities to present options that will fit your requirements.

Kiedinger, Inc. understands the importance of having options to consider. Our chosen vendors for audio visual systems provide customers with choices that will exceed their expectations. We invite you to come to our offices and take a look. You’ll love what you see and hear!

Video Conferencing
Video conferencing is no longer an executive luxury. Professionals across all markets are using video conferencing to increase productivity and communication.

Why use video conference technology today?

  • Easily share any type of information
  • Collaborate with co-workers at remote locations
  • Reduce travel costs
  • Maximize your human resources – bring experts in via video


The result? Decisions are made faster, bringing products or services to market quicker, and enabling you to stay ahead of competitors.

Video conferencing can be used to achieve significant benefits beyond increased productivity and reduced costs. Video conferencing should also be viewed as a telephone and travel enhancement – a way to strengthen bonds with remote colleagues and customers between personal visits and telephone calls.