Manufacturer's Warranties

What does the Manufacturer Warranty mean to you?

20-Year SYSTIMAX Structured Connectivity Solutions Extended Product Warranty and Applications Assurance Program
When our customers choose to install a SYSTIMAX Solution they are also getting a 20-year commitment from SYSTIMAX and CommScope. Since SYSTIMAX has set the standard for performance and reliability, we stand behind their products for 20 years. If the application or any elements of the infrastructure fail, we’ll fix them. There’s no loopholes or confusion, just a 20-year commitment to your network.

The Extended Product Warranty and Applications Assurance program is provided for all certified SYSTIMAX projects. It covers all applications currently contained in the SYTIMAX Performance Specifications and in addition, the Assurance Program will cover any future applications recognized by industry standards that use TIA/EIA 568-B or ISO/IEC IS 11801 for UTP channel specifications for cabling.

As a certified SYSTIMAX Business Partner, our SYSTIMAX cabling systems are warranted to give our customers the best service for 20 years. We believe this is the best warranty and applications assurance in the industry and that no other provider offers this level of protection.


CommScope offers two warranty programs. The 20 year Extended Warranty Program covers ALL CommScope cables installed, tested and registered in a structured cabling system for a 20 year period. CommScope defines a structured cabling system as the cabling infrastructure, designed and installed to current ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B series standards.

The CommScope 20 year Extended Warranty Program ensures that all CommScope cables are free from material and workmanship defects and will perform according to industry specifications.

The second warranty offered by CommScope is the Uniprise Solutions Product and Applications Warranty Program. This warranty covers all Uniprise Solutions installed in structured cabling systems by a Uniprise Certified Installer and includes the labor required for any corrective actions.


Panduit’s Certification Plus System Warranty is a 25-year standards-based performance warranty covering both components and labor to repair or replace components as noted in the certificate and Warranty Guide. The Certification Plus System Warranty certificate for a registered project is issued directly to the customer. This program is flexible in allowing eligible adds, moves and changes to be submitted for registration either at the time of completion or at a later date.