Our Technicians

Kiedinger, Inc. employs BICSI, SYSTIMAX, Uniprise and Panduit trained installers.

We make a substantial investment in technician training in order to bring to the market the highest quality of structured cabling services. The training and mentoring our technicians receive goes well beyond cable installation methodology. We bring professionalism and extensive industry experience to each project.

Our staff continues to prove their knowledge in the latest cabling technology through rigorous certification and training. Each certification is a dependable measure of skill that you can rely on.

Our staff holds the following certifications:


“BICSI is the world preeminent source of information, education and knowledge assessment for the constantly evolving ITS industry.”

BICSI is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Registered Continuing Education Providers Program (RCEPP) and the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC).

As a BICSI member, we understand the need to provide our technicians with the best education to ensure that each project is implemented to the highest possible standards. Our certified BICSI Installers have distinguished themselves with globally recognized credentials.

SYSTIMAX by CommScope

In order to install our range of SYSTIMAX products, a specific and comprehensive training program is required by SYSTIMAX for technicians. Since each of our technicians has successfully completed the SYSTIMAX training coursework, our customers can rest assured that their SYSTIMAX installation is specifically installed to exceed their needs.

Uniprise by CommScope

The same level of training and commitment we have with SYSTIMAX allows us to offer the Uniprise line of products from CommScope.


The Panduit Certified Installer Program provides our technicians with the training and support to undertake the installation of Panduit Structured Cabling Solutions. Our Panduit Certified Installers can guarantee your structured cabling system has been installed properly and complies with TIA/EIA standard performance requirements. As Panduit Certified Installers our exclusive access to the Warranty Program ensures all Kiedinger, Inc. installations are eligible for Panduit Plus Certification Warranty.

Technician Talents

Some of what we do is dictated by standard cabling procedures but there is a large part of the job that requires creativity and good decision making. We have developed those skills in our crew of technicians in addition to the manufacturer and BICSI training that supplements their talents.