Panduit Products

PANDUIT’s Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) solutions give companies the capability to connect, manage, and control a smart and unified business foundation. PANDUIT’s end-to-end networking systems provide a wide range of innovative products.

PANDUIT TX6 10Gig design technologies work together to suppress alien NEXT and deliver Class EA/Augmented Category 6 electrical performance beyond 500 MHz.

  • Channel requirements support 10GBASE-T
  • Internal separators for improving NEXT performance
  • Patent-pending design suppresses alien crosstalk


PANDUIT TX6500 high-performance cable exceeds requirements of all Category 6 and Class E requirements.

  • ETL tested for Category 6 component performance
  • Performance tested to 650 MHz
  • Supports Ethernet 10BASE-T


PANDUIT TX6000 exceeds all Category 6 cable performance requirements.


PANDUIT Vertical Cable Management Rack System

  • High density solution minimizes area need for the network layout
  • Optional hinged doors provide easy access to vertical pathway
  • Angled patch panels can provide proper bend radius control


PANDUIT 4 Post Rack
The PANDUIT 4 Post Rack combines the stability of a cabinet with the accessibility of an open rack to support deep networking equipment.

  • Available in seven and eight foot heights
  • 23, 30, 36, and 42 inch depths provide support for larger network equipment
  • Multiple options for accessory mounting


PANDUIT Grounding Busbar Kit
PANDUIT offers a variety of kits engineered specifically to meet TIA-942 for reliable cabinet grounding.

  • Optimized for installation on 19” racks or cabinets
  • Available pre-assembled for quick and easy installation
  • Engineered to comply with US and International grounding requirements


PANDUIT J-Pro Cable Support System

  • Pre-riveted assemblies allow for attachment to ceilings, beams, threaded rods, and under floor supports to meet a variety of applications
  • Complete horizontal and vertical bend control prevent degradation of cable performance
  • Durable non-metallic J-hook material support a large number of cables

PANDUIT provides a clean and efficient way to label according to the TIA/EIA-606-A standard. Faceplates, surface mount boxes, and patch panels are modular and designed to hold printed labels. Our technicians use


PANDUIT Panther LS9 Hand-Held Thermal Printers to make compliant labeling fast and easy.