Quality Control and Testing

Kiedinger, Inc.’s quality assurance and follow-up support are unmatched.

Our commitment to quality has earned the trust of a large number of satisfied customers throughout Wisconsin. From the time we begin an installation to the final testing, our structured cabling systems are built with the best quality products and backed by years of industry experience.

Our services are provided by a team of reliable, professional, and experienced technicians. The majority of our customers have chosen Kiedinger, Inc. because we have come highly recommended by an associate.

Companies spend thousands of dollars to upgrade their network equipment but unfortunately, cabling often gets overlooked. In fact, cabling issues can account for up to 50% of all LAN failures. But not when Kiedinger, Inc. installs the cabling. We are committed to providing our customers the best performance from their cabling investment.


What measures are taken?

Kiedinger, Inc. provides a variety of documentation services including cable tests, labeling, and as-built drawings with cable locations in PDF, Visio, and AutoCAD format.

Cable Testing
As networks continue to evolve, so do the requirements for cabling infrastructure. At Kiedinger, Inc. we know it is critical to keep current with the latest developments in cabling and cable testing. Every cable and fiber strand we install is tested and guaranteed to provide a 100% level of service upon completion of installation. The structured cabling systems Kiedinger, Inc. installs meet all requirements of the performance criteria in the current TIA/EIA structured cabling standards.

The DTX Series CableAnalyzer our technicians use for cable testing has become the leading certification tester in the market. Each cable test guarantees the cable we install complies with TIA/EIA standards. Cable tests are also necessary to provide a warranty backed by the manufacturer. With the DTX Series Cable Analyzer, our technicians have an accurate picture of their installation, and our customers have proof of a quality installation. Since efficiency is a critical part of our cabling systems, we use Fluke Networks DTX Series CableAnalyzer and Linkware applications to increase our productivity, stay current, and deliver the best possible performance to each customer.

Kiedinger, Inc. Workmanship Warranty
Each technician at Kiedinger, Inc. is meticulous in performing end to end testing and takes great care in labeling all cable ends. We only install materials that meet or surpass job specifications. As a result, Kiedinger, Inc. guarantees all materials and the workmanship for one year after the project has been completed.