Systimax 360

SYSTIMAX 360 GigaSPEED® X10D 91 Series U/UTP Cables
The Optimized Material Technology (OMT) in this cable series reduces the cable diameter, making it the smallest Category 6A solution on the market.

  • Outer cable diameter – 0.285 in. (7.24 mm)
  • OMT resolves NEXT and ELFEXT issues required for accurate transmission using all four pairs
  • Non-Plenum, Plenum and Low Smoke Zero Halogen constructions
  • Can support network line speeds up to 10 gigabits per second


SYSTIMAX 360 GigaSPEED® XL 1100GS3 Panels
Improved rear cable management features make installations over current cable bundling easier by reducing the steps and the time it takes to tie down bundles of cable.

  • Available in 24 port (1U) and 48 port (2U) options
  • Features the elegant SYSTIMAX 360 design
  • Available in iPATCH-Ready versions or factory assembled


SYSTIMAX 360 Modular Panel
The SYSTIMAX 360 modular panels eliminates the need for separate tie wrap components and offers facilitated installation.

  • Supports InstaPATCH copper solutions
  • Available in 24 port (1U) configuration
  • Features the elegant SYSTIMAX 360 design


SYSTIMAX 360 GigaSPEED® X10D MGS600 Information Outlet
The patented crossing of straddling pair contacts of this SYSTIMAX 360 products enables efficient alien crosstalk reduction in the channel. The MGS600 Outlet:

  • Snaps into CommScope M-Series faceplates, surface mount boxes, and SYSTIMAX Modular Panels
  • Can be mounted at both 90 degrees and 45 degrees in any SYSTIMAX faceplate.
  • IDC connector terminations on rear of base create quick and easy installation of 22 to 24 AWG cable
  • Can support network line speeds up to at least 10 gigabits per second.


SYSTIMAX 360 G2 1U and 2U Shelves
SYSTIMAX 360 Fiber shelves are “iPatch-Ready” and can be upgraded in the field at any point with the iPatch Upgrade Kit. The upgrade does not require removal of patch cords, so it can be performed without network disruptions. Other features include:

  • Bend limiters maximize space by integrating into the shelf trough
  • Push/push-style latch on the front trough door improves access to shelf interior
  • Port labeling is displayed when door in open


SYSTIMAX 360 G2 4U Shelf
The same SYTIMAX 360 design is available in a 4U shelf, and comes with a shelf assist to facilitate installation and ensure proper U spacing. The shelf assist fits multiple rack types and supports heavy equipment.

  • Refined cable management rings enhance access to the base of the modules
  • Advanced vertical management increases the flexibility
  • Larger side fiber access allows for more fiber


SYSTIMAX 360 G2 Fiber Cartridges and Bezels
SYSTIMAX 360 G2 Fiber Cartridges and Bezels are iPatch Ready for adding intelligence to network systems in the future.

  • Reverse compatible with current 1000G2 and 600G2 Shelves
  • Supports easy configurations for moves, adds and changes
  • No special Fiber Patch Cords are required for the Field Upgrade