Systimax Products

The GigaSPEED X10D Solution fully complies with TIA/EIA and exceeds Category 6A and channel specifications to 500 MHz. The performance of X10D is guaranteed up to 4 connections, up to 100 meters, in a 6-around-1 cable bundle configuration. All GigaSPEED Solutions are backwards compatible with existing SYSTIMAX cable and connecting hardware.


The GigaSPEED XL Solution is a versatile copper cabling solution for demanding gigabit applications. More than 40 patents have advanced this solution to achieve a breakthrough in Category 6/Class E copper cabling performance that far exceeds the standard specification.

  • Performance will exceed Category 6/Class E Channel Specifications to 250 MHz
  • Performance guaranteed up to 6 connections in any length channel configuration up to 100 meters


PowerSUM Solutions – Exceeding Category 5/5e

  • Performance Extended to 155.5 MHz for channels
  • Performance certified to exceed the Category 5e specifications
  • Supports IEEE 802.3 1000BASE-T plus other legacy LANs and applications


GS10E GigaSPEED X10D Modular Patch Cord
The high performance GS10E modular patch cord has a patent-pending plug design.

  • A distinctive aqua sled and anti-snag latch for easy and rapid field identification
  • Electrical performance guaranteed to meet or exceed the channel specifications of the TIA Category 6A
  • Can support network line speeds up to at least 10Gbps


SYSTIMAX provides compatible faceplates, zone boxes, and enclosures for all of its cables in a variety of colors and sizes.


LazrSPEED Fiber – 50 Micron Multi-mode Solution
LazrSPEED LC Solutions meets the gigabit Ethernet standard with the lowest multi-mode optical channel loss available and a breakthrough bandwidth performance.

  • Designed to support 10 Gbps up to 550 meter distances
  • LazrSPEED 550 provides over 4,700 MHz-km laser bandwidth
  • LazrSPEED 300 provides 2,000 MHz-km bandwidth


TeraSPEED Solution
SYSTIMAX developed TeraSPEED fiber to provide a fiber optic solution for metro and campus backbone requirements.

  • Eliminates water peak – Zero Water Peak Single-mode (ZWP-SM) Fiber
  • G.652.C/D compliant
  • Supports single-mode equipment and applications


SYSTIMAX Interlocking Armored Cable
SYSTIMAX Interlocking Armored Fiber Optic Cable can be used anywhere to add additional protection and security for fiber cable.

  • Applied spirally around distribution cable
  • Over-jacketed with a color-coded sheath for the fiber type
  • Allows for easy handling and pulling


Fiber Optic Patch Cords
Designed to cross-connect segments of cabling infrastructure to another, fiber optic patch cords are available in LazrSPEED, TeraSPEED, and OptiSPEED in any combination of SC, LC, and ST connectors.


G2 1U and 2U Shelves
The new SYSTIMAX 360 fiber shelves and adapters complete the SYSTIMAX solution and offer the ability to add intelligence to the network at a later date. Review the SYSTIMAX 360 product line for more information.