TANDBERG is recognized as a leader in the visual communications industry. They continue to engineer high quality video conferencing products and offer end-to-end solutions that include recording and streaming servers, firewall traversal products, multipoint conferencing units, and several options for desktop conferencing.

  • TANDBERG’s One Software Platform simplifies installation and greatly reduces upgrade or expansion cost
  • All TANDBERG systems utilize an intuitive interface to facilitate easy set up
    The wide angle view camera allows all participants to be seen clearly
  • Compatibility with systems from multiple vendors


TANDBERG T3 Telepresence
Telepresence creates a realistic in-person meeting experience. Directional audio, crystal clear video, and one-touch controls provide an easy environment to walk in, sit down, and immediately begin a meeting.

  • Ultimate video and audio quality with high definition up to 1080p with three large 65” custom LCD screens
  • Touch collaboration screens deliver high definition presentation capabilities built right into the table
  • Unmatched room and network flexibility

TANDBERG T3 Telepresence Brochure



  • All-in-one executive control center designed for offices
  • Compact HD Camera
  • Integrated 20” widescreen LCD
  • Powerful presentation, multimedia, and conferencing capabilities
  • Easily switches between a video call and an XGA PC display

TANDBERG Centric MXP 1700 Data Sheet


The TANDBERG FieldView increases the productivity and the effectiveness of experts in a wide variety of vertical markets. From manufacturing to research, to education and healthcare, the FieldView applications are unlimited.

  • Mobile video creates real-time collaboration between experts in the office and personnel at the scene.
  • Compact size and portability allow video access to small spaces
  • Share video content directly to any standards-based video system or to individual PCs via the Field View Application


TANDBERG Edge 95/85/75 MXP
The Tandberg Edge MXP Series are easy-to-install units that turn a meeting room into an interactive meeting space for improved teamwork.

  • Designed for medium to small meeting rooms
  • Includes Tandberg PrecisionHD Camera
  • Powerful, live presentation through one-step PC plug in or LAN connection