Why Choose Kiedinger?

Why do Facility Managers and Network Administrators choose Kiedinger, Inc.?

If you manage a facility, you need to have control over the work done above the ceilings and in the walls. If you manage a network, you need to know that the cabling infrastructure will support your system now and in the future. We’re here to help you. Our technicians will respect your requirements and work with you to build a safe, secure, and usable cable path. Proper cable support, sleeves through walls, and proper fire-stopping will create the structured path that will save you time and money. Having one company to maintain the cable path and obey the codes will make your building safer, your network more secure, and your job a little easier.

“Good, hard-working people” is the description we hear most often about our technicians. Our customers tell us that our people are helpful and great to have around. Our technicians care about your network and your building. They understand that the work they perform represents them, our company, and ultimately your decision to hire us.


Facility Managers and Network Administrators choose Kiedinger, Inc. to achieve their goals.